Heads up fans of bkkfatty fans, after years of promoting and pushing Thai food, the blog is moving to a new home. In addition to the Thai content, we’ll also be adding content about special food in from other locations and cultures as well. In particular the blog will move to encompass more thoughtful food, and food related topics like food heritage, cooking, and gardening.

As a people we have been dispossessed of the land and how to grow on it. Our food is mass produced, and killing us. Meanwhile, so many of us spend time gawking over oversized, poorly nutritious junk that isn’t only polluting our bodies, but our planet as well. Our hope is that as we get comfortable being known as Eat Eclectic, we’ll be able to encourage you and others to put something eclectic on your plate!

bkkfatty culture merge
One of the first photos used by the Bangkok Fatty website!

This doesn’t mean we’ve gone vegan, or will stop posting food porn. However, we want to challenge people more strongly to get out of their comfort zones. This means getting behind the food and discovering the people and heritage behind it. We also want to highlight places who may not otherwise be given attention by traditionally media.

We’ll start first by reviving some of the old posts from the now defunct Bangkok Fatty website. Our facebook and instagram, still have plenty of photos and commentary to keep you busy, and we’re relaunching our youtube soon. The youtube page will be bringing more recipes from the Courageous Kitchen to the platform, and we hope to offer them in more than one language!

Let us know if you have ideas on what we should be covering, and stay tuned. Thanks for being curious about our journey.