When you wake up starving in Atlanta, hustle your way down to 458 Edgewood Ave for a poppin’ french toast breakfast. To me, the place represents everything I love about the south; good tunes, good food, and good people. If you’ve never been to the brunch fundraiser for the Atlanta Center for Self Sufficiency, you need to check it out.

Soaked ciabatta bread, soon to be french toast!

Cafe 458, however, is only open on Sundays, so it may take a little extra effort to schedule an appearance there, but it’s worth it. Me? I’d rearrange my day around their 10am – 3pm brunching hours. That’s because dishes like their French toast, which arrives featuring a mound of fresh banana whipped cream and raspberry sauce, will have you rolling out of bed on a mission.

How good is breakfast here? Lets say this toast might have you elbow checking a spouse who’s intent on sleeping in, or even throwing hand signals at your pastor when he starts preachin’ too long. Wrap it up preacher man, we got toast to do.

Classic french toast at Cafe 458, before and after a dusting a powdered sugar.

These ain’t no wimpy french toast sticks out the freezer neither. Au contraire, the French toast is so delicious because it’s a griddle fired ciabatta, batter soaked, and cooked until caramelized on each side. The toast arrives moist and light, but never soggy. The hearty bread, unlike the mess you make at home, is sturdy enough to be stacked beautifully, and looks ace when dusted with powdered sugar.

Now that’s just how French toast should be served, littered with fresh strawberries, blueberries, banana, and a an India Arie track to seal in the care free Sunday vibes. Pamper yourself next Sunday at Cafe 458.

Kid sized portion of this bangin’ french toast.

Cafe 458 is located at 458 Edgewood Ave in Atlanta, only on Sunday’s from 10-4pm. Call in advance to book a table at (404) 446-4688, or visit the ACSS website to volunteer.